Bawn in the Mash (2011)

This eponymous release was recorded once again, at home in Paducah, Kentucky. The band engineered the entire album, with Josh Coffey at the helm of a borrowed DIGI 3. Recorded primarily in March of 2010, this album was finally released in April 2011. Bawn in the Mash followed the release by playing a slew of festival dates, including a Northeast tour that took the band to 15 performances in 16 days. The tour culminated with the band performing live on the rooftop at Relix Magazine headquarters in New York.

Confluence (2008)

Bawn in the Mash released their third album in September of 2008. Entitled Confluence, the album was recorded by Chris Henry (Peter Rowan Band, Shawn Camp) and was engineered at the band's compound in West Paducah, Kentucky. The album once again features the artwork & design of Darin Shock, and contains all new original material written by Bawn in the Mash. 

A confluence is defined as the flowing together of two or more streams. With Chris Henry at the helm, Bawn in the Mash take listeners on a trip into uncharted waters, channeling the wavelengths & frequencies of Western Kentucky.

According to a review by the Nashville Scene,
"Bawn in the Mash bridge the rarely traversed gap between bluegrass and rock 'n' roll with the effortlessness of careful students of both."

Hurry Up and Wait (2007)

Hurry Up and Wait was recorded just south of Nashville, Tennessee in May 2007. The band enlisted live sound engineer Phil Harris to record the album at his home studio in the beautiful Tennessee countryside. 

The band recorded 16 compositions for this release, with special guest appearances by Donnie Herron (BR549, Bob Dylan), Tyler Grant (Grant Farm), and Chris Black (Eagles of Unemployment).

Bawn in the Mash finished the year by selling out the legendary Station Inn two nights in a row with special guest Casey Driessen, giving the group 150+ performances for the year. In June of 2008, the song Little Piece of Paper was featured in Global Rhythm Magazine. In addition, Josh Coffey's name made its big screen debut in the Mike Myers movie 'The Love Guru'. If you listen closely, you can hear his fiddle on Foggy Mountain Breakdown during the bar fight scene!

Welcome to the Atomic City (2006)

Bawn in the Mash's first release, Welcome to the Atomic City (2006), was recorded by National Old Time Banjo Champion Dan Knowles, at his home studio in Paris, Tennessee.

Welcome to the Atomic City is a collection of 12 original compositions that historically interpret events that have occurred in Western Kentucky.

Living downtown Paducah,the group spent much time absorbing the energies of the Ohio, Tennessee, and Clarks Rivers. Songs like Land Between the Rivers, Paducah, Past the Painted Wall, The Nuclear Waltz, & At the Hotel Irvin Cobb pay tribute to a land faded & forgotten in favor of the notion of 'progress' in rural America. During the recording of Welcome to the Atomic City, the band frequently showcased the material aboard the Delta Queen Steamboat and River Barge Explorer.